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Mannai Auto Brand Division specialises in the sales, after sales and service of heavy equipment for the construction and industrial sectors. Ehe company acts as sole distributors and dealers for a wide range of internationally known heavy equipment brands.

The HED showroom is located in the Industrial Area alongside our large warehouse and spare parts counter. We have a comprehensive engine re-power workshop for diesel engines, transmission, fuel pumps, fuel injector testing and repairs and major repairs/overhaul of hydraulic components..

Comprehensive range of internationally recognised brands

Industry approved quickhitch as standard, allowing easy utilisation of an extensive attachments range for exceptional versitility. All components are top quality and fully tested, running 24 hours a day, to simulate the toughest lifetime the machine could.





The Mannai Auto Service Centre is one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East. The service centre specializes in GM light duty and medium duty vehicles and Cadillac, Hummer , Subaru passenger cars. With an area space of 11,000 sq metres, the mechanical, electrical, diagnostic, body repair and paint sections are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

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A computerised diagnostic centre supports:

  • TIS-2000, SI-2000, ESI and Techline to keep updated with the latest in the technological field and to perform onboard diagnosis and repairs
  • Fully-equipped special maintenance tool room
  • Air-conditioned separate rooms for automatic transmission, engine and electrical/electronic repairs
  • Hydraulic repair equipment for collision repairs
  • Several latest technology paint booths
  • Quick lube centre and vehicle wash facilities

Quick Lube Facility

  • Automatic car wash
  • Engine oil and filter change with automatic drainage of the used oil due to environmental concerns
  • All passenger vehicles, light and medium duty trucks, buses, MPV and 4x4 vehicles quick servicing including full wash and 20 point safety checks

If you need to service your car or if you happen to have any inquiry concerning our services or if you happen to have any inquiry concerning our service or our Workshop hours, please contact the following numbers:

General Motors Road Side Assistance
Call: 0080097318
Mannai Break Down – Towing service
Islam Khalil Mob: + 974 558 28357
Branches, Mobile Service Vans, and Fleet Services
Irfan Khan -Senior Coordinator Mob: + 974 55823177

Workshop Working Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 7:00 (AM) - 11:45 (AM)
12:45 - 5:00 (PM)
Saturday 8:30 (AM) - 12:30 (PM)
Main service center
Salwa Industrial Area

Service Center Reception
Benedick Felsinger
Tel. No. +974 44600008

Cadillac Hot line
Benedick Felsinger
Tel. No. +974 44076013
Saturday to Wednesday 7:00 (AM) - 12:00 (PM)
1:00 (PM) - 5:00 (PM)
Thursday 7:00 (AM) - 12:00 (AM)
Umm Al-Afaai Branch
Mohamed Sabet Kodoke
Mob: + 974 55576318  or Tel. No. +974 44901086

Parts Department Operation is consisting of three major division which are Retail Parts, Wholesale and Aftermarket, here below details of each operation:

Retail Operation

Genuine spare parts are stocked at a central warehouse which is strategically located adjacent to the service workshops, linked by a computer network. Software has been specially developed and customized in order to streamline operations and cope with an inventory in excess 160,000 line items. This warehouse also supplies parts to the Retail customer counters and to our other parts outlets in Qatar. All parts related to GM, Cadillac, Hummer, Opel & Subaru and GM Accessories either in Main Salwa or other Parts Outlet such as GM Accessories Store, Bin Mahmoud, Umm Al- Afaai Branch, & Al Wakra Branch.

If you have any inquiry concerning our services or if you happen to have any inquiry concerning the Parts Department, please contact the following number:

Mr. K. O. Varkeyachan
Parts Manager
Tel No.: (+974) 4407 6133
Mobile No.: (+974) 5588 2863
Emai: Varkeychan.K@mannai.com.qa

Auto Parts Timing


Main Auto Parts Showroom
Industrial Area
St# 5, Al Wakalat Street
Tel No.: (+974) 4450 4866
Fax No.: 4407 6159/6098

Click here for Location map

Sat- Thurs 7:00 AM-6:00 PM   Continuous Operation
Whole day
Whole Week

GM Accessories Store
(near Ramada Junction)
Tel No.: (+974) 4455 8745
Fax No.: 4455 8710

Click here for Location map

Sun- Thurs 8:30 AM– 12:30 AM
4:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 12:00 NN
5:00 PM– 7:30 PM

Bin Mahmoud Branch
St# 850, Qatari Bin Al Fujaah
Tel No.: (+974) 4437 0946

Click here for Location map

Sat- Wed 7:30 AM– 12:00 NN
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thur 7:00 AM– 12:30 PM

Umm Al- Afaai Branch
Dukhan Road
Tel No.: (+974) 4490 5093

Click here for Location map

Sat - Wed 7:00 AM– 12:00 PM
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Thur 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Auto Parts Dept. has 160 lines racks for proper & accurate allocation of materials, and now, it has bigger warehouse extension for the new arrival materials, and new front Counter for Delivery & Receiving section to better serve the customers.

Wholesale Operation

Mannai Parts Department also marketing related to Wholesale the following products

1. ACDelco Conventional Battery, ACDelco Lubricants, Asian Parts, North American
2. Tyres like JK from India/China
3. Doublestar from China
4. ARMOUR from China
5. ROCKSTONE from China
6. YUASA Batteries from Japan(MF), Korean(MF), Indonesia(DC)

For any inquiry regarding Wholesale Operation, please contact below person:

Mr. Mustafa Hefny
Deputy Manager - Wholesale

Tel No.: (+974) 4407 6135
Mobile No.: (+974) 5582 1753
Email : Mostafa.Hefny@mannai.com.qa

Caltex Lubricant and Greases (Chevron) Texaco.
For any inquiry regarding Caltex Products, please contact below person.
Mr. Bahie Hassan
Deputy Manager – Caltex Lubricants
Tel No.: (+974) 4407 6120 / 4407 6330
Mobile No.: (+974) 5515 7807
Email : Bahie.Hassan@mannai.com.qa

Aftermarket Operation

Our Aftermarket operation is handling some of the famous world brands in Commercial Truck Parts including:

  1. Hengst Filters, PETERS Brake Pads (Germany)
  2. Febi electrical items (Germany)
  3. LUK/brake pad system, steering pump and clutches
  5. Frasle Brake pad and lining shoes
  6. SK pumps, brake drums and clutches (Germany)
  7. CZX Wheels from China
  8. Trucktec from Dubai general parts
  9. FM/FP Diesel (USA)
  10. BERAL Brake Pads , GLYCO (FM Europe)

This operation also handles IPD Engine spare parts for heavy equipment.
For any inquiries regarding aftermarket products pls. contact below person:

Mr. Abd Nasserdin
Deputy Manager – Aftermarket
Tel No.: (+974) 4407 6132
Mobile.: (+974) 6646 4580
Email : Abd.Nassardin@mannai.com.qa


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Mannai is committed to protecting your privacy details, You may opt out by ticking the box if you do not want any further communications from Mannai.


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Mannai is committed to protecting your privacy details, You may opt out by ticking the box if you do not want any further communications from Mannai.